Your lawyer for Germany

Hermsen Legal can offer excellent support to Dutch companies who want to gain a foothold in the German market. Susanne Hermsen-Pfeiffer not only comes from Germany herself, she has also been working in the Netherlands as a lawyer under German and Dutch law for more than 20 years. She speaks both languages, knows the cultures inside out and is at home in both legal systems.

About Susanne

Susanne understands the importance of thinking proactively to avoid problems and misunderstandings arising from cultural and language differences. Read more .

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Susanne’s expertise focuses on various aspects of German law. She specialises in advising companies in the following areas.

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Susanne is happy to share her expertise and experience with you. Contact her for professional legal advice.

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Language, culture, laws and regulations

Germany is attractive for Dutch companies. Many Dutch companies are therefore already active in the German market or want to do business in Germany. This makes sense, because Germany is not far away, much bigger and very similar to the Netherlands. Nevertheless, the differences in language, culture and laws and regulations pose a challenge. Hermsen Legal therefore offers targeted and efficient support for companies.

Your bridge to Germany

Hermsen Legal can provide legal advice in Germany for your company Whether it is entering the German market, setting up or taking over a German company, hiring employees, drafting contracts and general terms and conditions under German law or assisting in negotiations. Susanne has a boundless commitment when it comes to achieving results quickly and helping businesses succeed.

Hermsen Legal Expertise