Hermsen Legal B.V.

Hermsen Legal B.V. (hereinafter “Hermsen Legal”) is committed to providing you with the best possible service. Nevertheless, you may have a complaint about Hermsen Legal’s services. The following complaints procedure has been set up to help you resolve your complaint:

Article 1 Scope of application

This complaints procedure applies to every assignment between Hermsen Legal and a client. Susanne Hermsen-Pfeiffer will ensure complaint handling in accordance with the complaints procedure.

Article 2 Objectives

  • The objectives of this complaints procedure are:
  • to establish a procedure to deal with client complaints within a reasonable timeframe
  • in a constructive manner within a reasonable time;
  • establishing a procedure to determine the causes of client complaints;
  • maintaining and improving existing relationships through proper complaint handling;
  • improving service quality through complaint handling and
  • complaint analysis.

Article 3 Internal complaints procedure

  1. If a client approaches Hermsen Legal with a complaint, Susanne Hermsen-Pfeiffer will handle the complaint. To enable the complaint to be assessed in the best possible way, it is important that the client includes a clear description of the complaint as well as copies of documents that clarify the complaint.
  2. Hermsen Legal will give the client the opportunity to provide an explanation of the complaint and also provide an explanation of the complaint itself.
  3. Hermsen Legal tries to reach a solution together with the client.
  4. Hermsen Legal shall settle the complaint within four weeks after receipt of the complaint or inform the client of any deviation from this deadline, giving reasons, stating the deadline within which an opinion on the complaint will be given.
  5. Hermsen Legal shall notify the client in writing of the opinion on the merits of the complaint, whether or not accompanied by recommendations.
  6. If the client is not satisfied with the outcome of the complaint procedure, the client may consider taking the complaint to court. In that case, the District Court in Arnhem has jurisdiction.

Article 4 Confidentiality and free handling of complaints

  1. Hermsen Legal shall observe confidentiality when handling complaints.
  2. The handling of a complaint is free of charge.